Peg Duthie - sermons

Peg Duthie - index of sermons

For the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville, Tennessee

"The Journey That Never Ends," 28 June 2009 (joint service with Shirley Ryberg and Jan Robinson)

"Unicorns, Hippogriffs, and Bisexuals," 22 July 2007
"Was Thomas Jefferson Really One of Us?" 4 July 2004
"The Patterns We Obey, The Patterns We May Use," 25 November 2001

For the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tullahoma, Tennessee

"Chocolate and Conscience," 21 June 2009

"(Dis)owning Jefferson and Outing Lincoln?" 27 February 2005

For the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Cookeville, Tennessee

"Letting Go to Grow," 3 January 2010
"The Red and White and Starry Blue," 14 June 2009

"Turtles," 26 April 2009

"Cults of Personality," 15 March 2009

"Lessons from Country Dancing," 22 February 2009
"Tidings of Light," 21 December 2008
"Living Larger Than Life Through Small-Minded Times," 2 November 2008
"Introversion and Community," 8 June 2008
"Stubbornness: All I Cannot Save," 18 May 2008
"Telling Someone They're Wrong," 9 March 2008
"Pink Ribbons and Chocolate," 17 February 2008
"The Holiness of Holidays and Everydays," 24 June 2007
"To All On Earth," 27 May 2007
"The Poetry of Inconvenience," 22 April 2007
"Earth Is Given As A Garden," 11 March 2007
""Harder Still Is This," 25 February 2007
"Freedom Has Its Rules, But What Are They?" 17 December 2006
"Stars Keep the Watch: An Advent Sermon," 26 November 2006
"Listener's Choice?", 29 October 2006
"The Sweetness (and Scariness) of Fixing the World," 24 September 2006
"The Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Person," 13 August 2006
"Hyphens and Acronyms," 23 July 2006
"Wrestling with the Angels and Demons of Community," 25 June 2006
"Bearing Witness for the Earth," 28 May 2006
"On Shakespeare’s Sonnets, and Why Gay Marriage is Good for Business," 23 April 2006
"Joseph Priestley: Clergyman, Chemist, and Revolutionary," 12 March 2006
"Lovers of the Republic: Lincoln's Admirers and Their Legacies," 12 February 2006
"Who is the 'Who' in 'Whoever You Are'?" 22 January 2006
"What is Believed and What Is Received," 27 November 2005
"Ambisexuality," 25 September 2005
"Of Books and Faith: Frederic G. Melcher," 28 August 2005
"Death is Not the Opposite of Life: Planning Now for the Beyond," 24 July 2005
"Getting to (and from) the Heart of Texas," 26 June 2005
"In the Wake of the Santa Maria," 10 October 2004
"Mingling," 28 September 2003
"A University for the Soul: Why Go to Church?" 24 August 2003

For the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Murfreesboro, Tennessee

"Bless Whatever You Can," 11 September 2010 (session at "Weaving Community" retreat)

For the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Pleasant Hill, Tennessee

"Joseph Priestley: Clergyman, Chemist, and Revolutionary," 23 April 2006

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