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Peg Duthie
poetry and fiction, 2000 - 2010

"outside the cafe..." / "ispred kafica..." Haiku awarded a commendation (equivalent to placing in the top 12 of 241 entries) in the 6th annual Klostar Ivanic Haiku Competition; subsequently published in English and Croatian in the contest booklet.

"Persephone in Tel Aviv." My Poem Rocks (14 December 2009).

Four holiday poems: "Deep and Crisp and Even," "Home Supper Home," "Glitter," and "Shavings." Dead Mule (December 2009).

"I am waiting for the right instant to say your name" (text and audio). qarrtsiluni (19 November 2009).

"Kol Nidre" (text and audio). qarrtsiluni (28 September 2009).

"I Hear You With Half of My Heart." My Poem Rocks (19 August 2009).

"The Language of Waiting," "Fuel," and "Sonic Crochet Hook." The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature (Summer Sabbatical Issue, July 2009).

"Andromeda" and "Nanakusa." AMAZE: The Cinquain Journal (Volume 7, Number 1, Spring 2009).

"At Persephone's Cafe" and "Camouflage." In Spider Vein Impasto (Blood Pudding Press, 2009).

"The Sharpshooter Assembles a Relish Tray" and "A Stack of Cards." flashquake (Volume 8, Issue 2, Winter 2008/2009).

"Joe's Barbeque" and "Slow Darkness Over Houston." Big Land, Big Sky, Big Hair: Best of the Texas Poetry Calendar's First Decade (Dos Gatos Press, 2008).

"Playing Duets With Heisenberg's Ghost" - Judge's Pick, 2008 Science Fiction Poetry Association contest. It and "Brew" appeared in the contest anthology chapbook (Spec House of Poetry, June 2009).

"To the Woman in the Next Booth Over Who Hasn't Shut Up Since We Sat Down" and "Why I Up and Left In the Middle of a Sermon and Drove Out to Sit By a Lake." Dead Mule School of Southern Literature (August 2008).

"Mud Puddles" and "Faith." In Ripple Effect (2008). Sales of this anthology benefit the libraries of New Orleans.

As She's Dying. flashquake (Summer 2008).

"Evolution." Sci Fi Fan 2 (2008).

"Coat." In The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel - Second Floor (2007).

"A Particular Truth - 1941" and "The Pauli Effect." Contemporary Rhyme (Volume 4, Issue 4, Fall 2007).

"Present" and "Punk Mermaids." [GROWLING SOFTLY] (Blood Pudding Press, 2007).

"Bad Girl" and "Miss." Defenestration (Volume 4, Issue 9, August 2007).

"Hard" and "Ninety-two-year-old Singer." San Diego Valley Poetry Quarterly (Age Issue, Spring 2007).

"More Than One Plus One." In To Have and To Hold: Poems, Blessings, and Prayers for Newlyweds (2007).

Two haiku. Scifaikuest, print edition (Issue 16, May 2007).

One haiku. Scifaikuest, online edition (May 2007).

"Hosiery running deep" and "She says, follow the graves" (Editor's Pick). flashquake (volume 6, issue 3, Spring 2007).

"The Stepsister." First published in The Magazine of Speculative Poetry (Spring 2005). Reprinted in Dwarf Stars: The Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Short Poetry of 2005. 2nd place, Dwarf Stars Award. Also honorable mention, The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2006.

"Fist." flashquake (Volume 6, Issue 2, Winter 2006-2007) .

"Commander Patricia Spens." In On Our Way to Battle: Poetry from the Trenches, a limited-edition chapbook sold with the first 100 copies of From the Trenches: An Anthology of Speculative War Stories (2006).

Featured scifaijin, print edition of Scifaikuest (Issue 13, August 2006). "a crumpled ribbon..." was selected for the 2007 Dwarf Stars anthology, which is available from the Science Fiction Poetry Association. It was also reprinted in the Fall 2008 issue of Moonset.

"The Party Dress of Pomegranate Seeds." Boxcar Poetry Review (Issue 3, July 2006).

"Strain." In Rhymes for Adults (2006).

"Rosh Hashanah," "A Whisper," and "Prayer." In Becoming Fire: Spiritual Writing from Rising Generations (2006).

"Because It Makes Me Ha--." In The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel (2006).

"Caregiver's Prayer" and "Prayer for Perspective." Everyday Blessings (a 2006 desk calendar). "A Prayer for Perspective" reprinted in Serenity Prayers (2009).

Twelve poems available for use on e-cards at BlueGreenPlanet.

"Some Houseguests Can't Be Helped." Strange Horizons (19 September 2005).

Three scifaiku. Scifaikuest (August 2005 print edition).

Two scifaiku. Scifakuest (August 2005 online edition).

"And This Would Be Why Each Issue of Prevention Gets Promptly Shredded Into Rabbit-Cage Liner As Soon As It Shows Up In Our Mailbox." Southern Gothic (July 2005).

"Cold Music." The Magazine of Speculative Poetry (Spring 2005).

"Shedding." Up and Under (Spring/Summer 2005).

"The nty-nth Coming." Say. . .have you heard this one? (Issue 5, May 2005).

"How to Travel." KidVisions (March 2005).

"Data Massage." First place, poetry (adult division), at "Life, the Universe & Everything", a science fiction and fantasy symposium at Brigham Young University (February 2005).

"Because It Makes Me Ha--", "Journeys End", "kosher", "three ring circus" and "lobster". No Tell Motel (November 29 - December 3, 2004).
"Because It Makes Me Ha--" reprinted in The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel (2006).

"Dancing at the Grey Eagle" and "Baked Apples at Miss Mary Bobo's." flashquake (Volume 4, Issue 2, Winter 2004/5).

"In Search of Restoration." The Fiddlehead (Number 221, Autumn 2004).

"I Want to Know." Flytrap (Issue 2, May 2004).

"Da Capo Senza Fine." The Pedestal (Issue 21, April 21 - June 21, 2004).

"Definition: Need." Clean Sheets (April 7, 2004).

"Harper Library, Chicago." Poet's Canvas (Number 24, March 2004).

"Ballad of a Half-Faery Son." KidVisions (March 2004).

"E puor si muove." Kenoma (February 2004).

"The Punk Piper." Fables (Winter 2003).

"The Granddaughter's Song." KidVisions (December 2003).

"Caelum Concupiscitur," "The Claws of the Scorpion," "A Litany for Lavoisier," and "The Symplegades." Astropoetica (Fall 2003).

"Oh, When the Saints Went Marching Out." The Eggplant Literary Productions Library (October 2003 - April 2004).

"Schrodinger's Top Hat." STAR*LINE (26.4, July/August 2003).

"I Would Never." Clean Sheets (July 2, 2003).

"Letter to the Apple," "Unenclosed," "From the Lonely Place," "X Factor," "Song for the Next Plague," and an interview. Tiger's Eye: A Journal of Poetry (Issue 5, Spring/Summer 2003).

"Shoeboxes." Möbius (Volume 17, Number 1, Spring/Summer 2002).

"Tiny, delicate fishbones. . ." and "Walking Home From the Cemetery." Bryant Literary Review (Volume 3, 2002).

"A pawn in our shogi. . ." The Free Will Astrology newsletter (April 24, 2002).

"I charge you to sweeten and spice the random air." Blue Violin (Book 7, 2001).

"Three Songs from New Orleans." Illya's Honey (volume 7, number 3, Fall 2001).

"Metamorphoses" and "The Chains That Link." Buckle & (Number 7, Fall 2001).

"Elaine In the Suburbs." Amherst Review (Volume 29, Summer 2001).

"After Her Murder." Crab Creek Review (Volume 14, Number 1, Winter/Spring 2000).

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